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An international collaboration of 16 artists over the course of one year.

A bit like the game Chinese whispers, but with artwork – a section of the previous image was passed onto the next participant who used the glimpse of the image as a base to continue the developing story.

Screenprinted, Handbound, Lasercut

1 Jono Sandilands
2 Sam McPherson / His and Her Prints
3 Beto Jet-O
4 Andrew Morrison / New Dead Language
5 Jo McPherson / Jelly Jo
6 Kathryn Briggs
7 Charlotte Biszewski
8 Charline Giquel
9 Clare Owen
10 Sandra Biondi
11 Clair Aldington
12 Poison Popcorn
13 Chloe Garrick
14 Mary Freeman
15 Harry Whitham
16 Floortje Roberston